BYU students are active in the sustainability effort at BYU. The student group “BYU Recycles” spearheaded the campus effort to add plastics to our inventory of recycled items. Initially, they placed home-made collection bins around the Wilkinson Center and made daily runs to the only local recycling center in the area. Eventually the group recycled thousands of plastic bottles per day. Their diligence demonstrated the willingness of our students to participate in this conservation initiative and prompted the BYU administration to take over the process.

Other student organizations such as,”Eco-Response”, “BYU Earth,” and the “Environmental Science Club” ( ¬†have been similarly involved in educating students, faculty, and administrators about specific actions we can all take regarding sustainability. In addition, BYU boasts one of the largest contingents of student employees in the country. Each year, about 13,000 students work in university-sponsored jobs, many of which incorporate sustainability initiatives.¬† Get involved by visiting the BYU/SA website.