BYU uses Eco-friendly modular carpeting on campus that wastes 12% less carpet than the typical “roll”. This carpet is made of environmentally friendly materials, is less toxic than alternative options, and maximizes reuse and recycling of process waste in order to reduce its landfill impact.  Additionally, this product can be recycled at the end of its useful life. It can also be more effectively reused in the event damage occurs as single tiles can easily be replaced. Early in the design process, the design team identifies opportunities to incorporate salvaged materials into new facilities.  The cleaning products used on campus are “Clean” by Peroxy, and Bio Renewable Glass Cleaner.  We use microfiber rags, dusters, and window washing equipment as well as Hepa certified vacuums. Touch less soap and paper towel dispensers are installed in the Marriott Center and Lavell Edwards Stadium.