RecycleMania is a national collegiate recycling competition held in February and March every year.  BYU has participated since 2004.  The idea is to harness the natural competitive spirit that exists between college rivals to increase recycling and reduce waste.  As a part of RecycleMania BYU has run competitions between on-campus student housing areas and has also matched our recycling efforts against state and national rivals.  BYU uses the data generated for the competition to track our progress in reducing waste and promoting recycling.

To mark the start of the 2012 RecycleMania competition, BYU students, in coordination with BYU Recycling, built the world’s largest cardboard box castle.  BYU Recycling provided 734 boxes collected from around campus, Student Wellness helped publicize the event, engineering students came up with a design and members of EcoResponse, a student environment club, and other volunteers constructed the castle in Brigham Square complete with arches, turrets and cannons.  The previous record of 564 boxes was held by students from Harvard University.

World Largest Cardboard Box Castle