During the campus wide event, employees and students enjoyed breakfast with only using biodegradable utensils, plates and napkins, — all of it destined to become mulch for tree, shrub and sod areas on campus.

The biodegradable utensils and food waste are ground up with pulping machines and added to compost piles. The compost piles cook in the sun, thanks to a little help from added water, oxygen and nitrogen, and are eventually used as mulch. Students were given the “green” light to join in the largest zero-waste event ever on campus.

Though the sustainability initiatives do have costs up front, the efforts save BYU thousands of dollars every year. Summer 2011 at New Student Orientation (NSO), dining Services provided 1,000 zero waste lunches. They expanded the New Student Orientation Zero Waste luncheon in Fall 2011, providing 9,000 Zero Waste meals for the incoming freshman.

BYU Zero Waste Event