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Utah Transit Authority (UTA)

In its efforts to support clean air and reduce congestion, BYU offers a range of transportation options to help members of the campus community get around without needing a car of their own. In addition to ongoing shuttle, car sharing, and bike sharing programs, BYU offers students, employees, and their spouses and dependents free UTA passes. The passes can be used on the Utah Valley Express (UVX) bus route, as well as other local and express buses, FrontRunner, TRAX, and the S-Line.

How do I get my UTA pass/ID card?

BYU’s smart ID cards will double as UTA passes. Students, employees, and other eligible cardholders can get an ID card at the ID center in 1057 WSC. Employees can also get an ID card at the Benefits Office in D-240 ASB. Click here for more details on getting your new ID card.

Who qualifies?

All full- and part-time employees, students who are taking courses on campus in Provo for the current and/or upcoming semester, and student, faculty and staff spouses and dependents are eligible for UTA passes (see this list for more specifics).

UTA in Utah Valley

For general trip planning, schedules, and maps, visit You can also download the Transit app, UTA's endorsed app for mobile trip planning, for bus and rail options and departure times.

In Utah Valley, UTA’s UVX line connects Provo and Orem in a 10.5-mile, 18-stop continuous loop. Buses will hit each stop every six minutes during peak travel times and will reduce travel times using exclusive bus lanes and transit signal priority.

Utah Valley Express (UVX) route

UVX Route_0.jpg

All bus routes around BYU

Bus routes near campus.jpg

How do I sign up my spouse or dependent(s)?

Log in to and make sure your spouse and dependent(s) are listed. If not, contact DMBA. If they are, they can come in with you to the ID center in 1057 WSC any time.

Who do I call if my card doesn’t work?

You can call BYU’s ID center at 801-422-5082, or go to the ID center in 1057 WSC.

Walking to Campus?

You can walk from one end of BYU to the other in under 20 minutes. BYU tries to be self-contained, providing grocery stores, restaurants, and even dry cleaning on campus. If you are walking in the dark, consider using the “Safewalk” program, a feature on the BYU app. Through this program, you can have a friendly BYU police officer escort you home or track your route to make sure you reach your destination safely.

Using a Car on Campus?

Students who live in on-campus housing and bring a car to school must register to park in housing areas. However, parking availability is very limited and we encourage students to use their free UTA pass for transportation – the close proximity of on campus housing reduces the need for a car. Please see details below:

  • Heritage Halls: Residents who don’t pay parking fees are only authorized to park in “B” lots. However, there is very limited parking for Heritage residents and spots can be hard to find.
  • Helaman Halls: Residents do not need to pay to park at the Helaman Halls complex. However, similarly to Heritage, Helaman Halls has limited designated parking. Residents are not permitted to park in any of the areas around Heritage Halls.
  • Parking pass: There are few free parking lots available to students (typically full and further from campus), or you can purchase a parking pass that allows you to park in “Y” Lots surrounding campus. Parking is $60 per semester and fills up very quickly every morning.

Parking maps can be found at

Car Sharing

Due to the nature of sharing vehicles with many different people, Enterprise is suspending its car-sharing programs until further notice.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is partnering with Brigham Young University – Provo to offer car sharing through Enterprise CarShare for students, faculty, and staff. Enterprise CarShare is a membership-based, automated car rental option that offers a sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective transportation alternative. Registered members will have access to two Nissan Versas and a Nissan Frontier located on campus.

Enterprise CarShare is waiving the application and first-year membership fees for new members. Students, faculty, and staff can join with a credit card and valid driver’s license at

BYU-Provo students (18 and older) are eligible for membership with Enterprise CarShare, which offers around-the-clock access to hourly, daily, and overnight rentals. Enterprise allows members to maintain the benefits of a personal car while only paying for the vehicle when it is being used. Campus car-sharing programs are especially popular with students because they provide a solution to car rental age restrictions, as well as financial concerns associated with having a car on campus.

Bike Sharing

BYU's Bike Sharing program is a great way for students to get around Provo without a car! This system runs through BYU's Outdoor Unlimited rental business and allows students to rent quality bikes for a low fee per semester. It's a very popular program among students and faculty and the 50 or more bikes available are always reserved quickly.


  • Fall: $45
  • Winter: $45
  • Spring/Summer: $25
  • Bike lock and maintenance included.

For more information on this program, visit

ZimRide (RideSharing Program)

From 2013 through 2020, BYU partnered with Zimride, an online ride-sharing service offered by Enterprise, to connect students, faculty and staff with other travelers. After a successful collaboration, the partnership ended on December 31, 2020, having reduced carbon emissions by 2.7 million pounds. To learn more, visit:

BYU Motor Vehicle Fleet

The BYU motor-vehicle fleet currently includes three hybrid vehicles and 16 electric gem carts. As technologies for alternative fuel vehicles improve, we expect to increase their availability and use on campus. The BYU motor-vehicle fleet also recycles all car batteries, oil, and antifreeze. A recharge system is used on trucks with lift gates to prevent the need for idling while unloading.

RYDE Shuttle Service

The Ryde is a shuttle service – powered by Student Movement Inc (SMI) – designed to move thousands of students between off-campus housing and the BYU campus. Visit the Student Movement website for more information.

In Fall Semester 2015, BYU provided shuttle service to campus at no cost to students. The five shuttle routes to and from BYU and off-campus contracted housing will be free of charge to current BYU students. Each of the routes will run frequently throughout the day, with shuttles running on some routes every 15 to 20 minutes during high demand times: 7:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Three shuttle routes will cover the south end of campus, another will be to the west of campus and the fifth one to the north end of campus by Wyview.

BYU charges students to park in the majority of student lots on campus. A student parking permit costs $60 per semester. There will still be a few free student lots available: Lot 18 (south of the Information Technology Building), Lot 45 (west-stadium lot) and Lot 44 (south of the Wyview complex).